our Services

 Includes of the following :

Service and Maintenance

Factory trained service technicians provide fast response to your service needs, whether installation, maintenance or repair. Our technicians operate throughout South Africa and many other African States. We will also provide you with a complete maintenance programme of necessary inspections and preventative maintenance at fixed annual rates.

Calibration and verification

Our advanced team of Verification Officers provide excellend service and quality work with regard to the calibration and general function of your scales. We have our very own accredited verification lab SANAS LTF0083 as well as a calibration lab SANAS 1476.

All Scale Repairs

We can provide repairs and maintenance for a variety of scales such as retail scales, counter scales, hanging scales, platform scales, etc.

Software Design

Our in-house software design allows for data processing programs to meet exact customer requirements. Having a control system specifically suited to a unique operating environment, allows for easy interfacing, simplified data capturing and ultimately a very effective control system.

Software Support

Our advanced trained in-house software support team allows for immediate remote assistance and support.

Weighbridge Upgrades and Conversions

Our modern technology includes the ability to upgrade and convert outdated mechanical scales to more efficient and cost saving electronic systems.

Weighbridge Relocation

Dismantle and reinstall existing weighbridges at new premises

Offline systems

We offer offline weighing solutions in the unwanted case of a system failure that ensures your operation can continue without interruption.

Automated Systems

In addition to advanced weighing systems, Klerkscale offers supporting technologies which ensure total control in any environment. Such technologies include: Tag Readers, Passive transponders system, CCTV camera systems, Boom barriers – Semi/fully automated, Container Weighbridges, High bright LED traffic robots and remote displays.

Custom Solutions

We aim to provide tailor-made solutions to ensure complete client satisfaction