Weighbridges Single Deck

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Klerkscale manufactures, install and supply new weighbridges suitable for roads, rail roads, agricultural areas, industrial areas and more. Our weighbridges can be in-pit or surface mounted as per your specific requirements.

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6m x 3m, 9m x 3m, 12m x 3m, 15m x 3m, 18m x 3m, 22m x 3m, 24m x 3m, 27m x 3m, 30m x 3m, 6m x 3.5m, 9m x 3.5m, 12m x 3.5m, 15m x 3.5m, 18m x 3.5m, 22m x 3.5m, 24m x 3.5m, 27m x 3.5m, 30m x 3.5m, 6m x 4m, 9m x 4m, 12m x 4m, 15m x 4m, 18m x 4m, 22m x 4m, 24m x 4m, 27m x 4m, 30m x 4m